Sally Poole, MA, OT, CHT - Megan Gotlieb-Horowitz, MA, OTL/R, CHT - Joan Sullivan, MA, OT, CHT

Sally Poole, MA, OT, CHT - Megan Gotlieb-Horowitz, MA, OTL/R, CHT - Joan Sullivan, MA, OT, CHT

The concept for HANDS-ON REHAB was forged on the belief that all patients referred to a hand therapy practice need to be treated in a professional, ethical manner by a therapist and not a therapy care extender who is not fully trained or certified.  It was the mid 1990s when huge corporations were acquiring private therapy practices and creating therapy “factories” where patients were evaluated by a therapist but most of their care was administered by an aide with less training. 

Joan Sullivan, MA, OTR, CHT, Dennis DeStefano, DDS, MA, OTR, and Sally Poole, MA, OTR, CHT decided to form their own professional corporation, Hands-On Rehab.  The practice has successfully treated patients since 1995 and our strong reputation as a quality practice continues to this day.

2016 was a special year...

Hands-on-Rehab is proud to announce the addition of Megan Gotlieb-Horowitz OTR/L CHT to the Valhalla team as a new partner and Director.

Megan is a Board Certified Hand Therapist who graduated from The University of Maryland  with a BS in Psychology and Biology, followed by a Masters from the NYU Occupational Therapy Program with our very own Sally Poole OTR/L CHT as her mentor.

She stood out as an exceptional student as she enthusiastically went through her specialty field work training at Hands-On Rehab. Over the last eight years, Megan has worked with the top surgeons in New York City through the NYU Outpatient Clinic and in private practice as the Supervisor at STAR Physical Therapy. She made a name for herself as one of the best hand therapists in New York City by designing innovative treatment plans and splinting techniques to complement the exceptional skill of her referring surgeons. 

Our Philosophy

Treatment at Hands-On Rehab starts with a thorough and holistic assessment. Each patient is given an individualized treatment program following these guiding principals:

  • Patients receive comprehensive care and the most effective treatments to reduce the time spent in therapy.
  • Faster recovery results lead to decreased medical costs
  • Therapist and patient tackle recovery as a team to maximize desired results
  • A continuum of care eliminates the need for multiple medical providers
  • Functional outcomes ensure a faster return to work and productive lifestyle